Our Top 5 Must-Visit excursions for your French Class!

Normandy is possibly the most popular destination chosen by schools for learning outside of the classroom.

Here at Château Beaumont, excursions are a fundamental part of any holiday package, immersing our guests in the real culture, language and heritage of Normandy; because of this, we offer a great selection of excursions and boast many strong local contacts.

Our Top 5 and most-popular excursions for the best French language practice in the Normandy region, (all easily accessible from Château Beaumont) are:

Laval Market:


Less than 20km from the Château, the perfectly unspoilt Market at Laval opens on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Our strong local contacts are incredibly welcoming and more than happy to communicate with the children and assist with their worksheets, there is also the option to visit St Hilaire market on a Wednesday morning.

Providing a typically French atmosphere, unspoiled by tourism, with the opportunity for real-life contact with French native speakers about their daily tasks, we couldn’t possibly recommend a better experience for French Language practice!

For a great cultural exercise, we can combine a morning trip to the traditional market in Laval with a visit to a typical French Hypermarket.

Goats Cheese Farm:


One of the feats France is most famous for would be its cuisine, so why not offer your students a chance to add one of the country’s most famous foods to their French School Trip experience.

Tour a local Cheese Farm, meeting the goats who produce the cheese, discovering how it is made – from the curdling and maturing processes, to the cold room. There is also the opportunity to sample a selection of the cheeses!

This tour is conducted entirely in French, with some on-hand assistance and translating available from your bilingual group leader. An excellent opportunity to combine real Normandy culture with invaluable French comprehension practice.

Cider Museum:


Conducted solely in French, our bilingual Group Leaders will aid your class through a tour of a local Cider Museum; looking at the techniques and machinery, both old and modern, used for cultivating and producing cider. There’s even a chance to sniff some calvados, as well as sample the produce (apple juice for students, of course…)

We recommend this particular excursion for those seeking Reportage / French language focused holidays, as the tour is conducted entirely in French – with support and assistance from our bilingual group leaders.

Another excellent opportunity to combine real Normandy culture with invaluable French comprehension practice!



A slight change of pace, Fougères is an excellent spot to start engaging your class in the colourful history of Normandy. This truly magnificent medieval fortress, steeped in history, was once the biggest medieval castle in Europe.

An excellent excursion for unleashing a child’s imagination, our well-trained group leader’s will share interactive, animated tales surrounding the history of the fortress.

There is also the additional option for a guided tour around the grounds, either in English or French (with on-hand translation assistance from your very own bilingual group leader).

Le Mont St Michel:


The famed inspiration behind J K Rowling’s Diagon Alley and often classed as the 8th wonder of the world, this UNESCO world heritage site’s vast history stretches all of the way back to 460AD.

Another excellent starting point for engaging your class in the colourful history of Normandy. Your Group Leader will share many interactive tales, to bring the history of Le Mont St Michel to life, and lead guided tours throughout its historic and infamous walls.

This can ideally be linked with other historical excursions, such as a visit to Saint Malo or Fougères, as part of a full day Heritage experience.