Breakfast Bonanza

Like Kellogg’s we know it’s important to start your day right, which is why we found their recent study quite alarming. On average 2.4 children in each class go to school on an empty stomach!*

This certainly wouldn’t happen at Chateau Beaumont where we have a wide variety on offer before the student’s daily adventures […]

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Lost in translation? – Let Chateau Beaumont help

Languages are important- Eddie Izzard even agrees!
The Guardian has started a National debate concerning the importance of learning languages in schools and has discovered that amazingly one in six school children in the UK speak a forgein language as their mother tongue. But why does this concern us?

Well, as you know, we have various […]

Fancy being a millionaire?

‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ has been a TV favourite for years but Chateau Beaumont brings it to life on stage. Mood lighting, theme music and the ‘hot seats’ are placed on stage for the willing contestants from each school. It was time to begin.

Asked what they would spend their £1m winnings on; […]

Fougeres – Like no other castle

England is notorious for its castles but there’s one thing that we don’t have;  the biggest castle in Europe, also known as Fougeres Castle. But don’t fret. Visit Chateau Beaumont and see it for yourself.
The Château de Fougères stands atop a ledge overlooking the town below on either side. It has its ruins, its moats […]

D – Day Landings (A chance to step back in time)

On the 69th Anniversary of the D – Day Landings, we remember a victory of the Allied forces over German troops at Normandy. We salute those brave men killed during World War II with a few facts about what happened on that fateful day back in 1944;

D-Day was the day the Allies attacked the German […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears


by Crystal Booth

Now, visiting an animal refuge may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Kirkburton Middle School were certainly excited; hearing the animals on the way into the centre and having the opportunity to feed them (with special popcorn). So they were off to see the lions, tigers and bears but no wizard […]

Who needs Willy Wonka?

You can’t deny that everybody loves a bit of chocolate and Kirkburton Middle School was no exception. Patiently waiting for the doors to open and with their taste buds yearning for a sample of Roland Réaute’s finest; they were delighted to be offered a cheeky taster before their journey began.

After their amuse-bouche there was […]

Lets make some new friends

Another day, another excursion and it’s off to see some billy goats. On the way we see giant human heads (of the sculpted variety), quaint French farms and unusual breeds of cows.

On arrival, we’re told that the owner speaks no English, but this doesn’t deter the students as they squeal with excitement at the […]

Frog’s leg anyone?

by Crystal Booth
French night kicked off with a selection of French cuisine. Frogs’ legs and snails a-plenty for starters, followed by beef bourguignon and delicious dauphinoise potatoes (feeling hungry yet?). To finish off, crêpes; well they were bound to be on the menu really, weren’t they?
Not compulsory, but French dress keeps the theme of […]

A new star is born…

On the last night of their trip to the Château, pupils get the chance to take centre stage at our Talent Show and they never disappoint.

We all know how nerve-racking it is to get up and perform in front of your peers and teachers, so to get rid of any negativity, everyone is encouraged […]