County Lotto Launch!

We’ve decided 2020 is the year for giving something back!

Starting from today (05/03/2020) we are launching a monthly “County Lotto” – Think “Postcode Lottery” but with more French and Adventure….


The process is simple:

Each month, a lovely volunteer from our Head Office will pick a winning County from a hat (or in this case a […]

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Our Top 5 Excursions to Practice French Language

Our Top 5 Must-Visit excursions for your French Class!
Normandy is possibly the most popular destination chosen by schools for learning outside of the classroom.
Here at Château Beaumont, excursions are a fundamental part of any holiday package, immersing our guests in the real culture, language and heritage of Normandy; because of this, we offer a […]

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Your Perfect Spring Term Residential!

To commemorate the launch of this new school year, Château Beaumont are offering unmissable deals on our Spring term holidays. This spring your class can enjoy an Action Adventure week with us from only £249 per student; and for those seeking a slightly snappier stay we are also offering our Le Grand Weekend from […]

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Summer has arrived at the Chateau!

Summer 2014 has landed! It only feels like yesterday since last year’s memorable season, but here we are again, ready to create more long lasting and unforgettable moments. Students will be coming to visit the Chateau from far and wide over the summer months, learning everything from archery to how cider is made! The […]

EFL Easter 2014!

We thought we’d share some photos from our Easter EFL camp from April and May this year! We had such a great group of students, they were enthusiastic to take part in all our great on-site activities and, of course, made great progress with their English thanks to our brilliant teachers Benedict, Antonia and […]

CHATEAU UPDATE: Just the beginning

By Jack Franks

It seems crazy to think we are already in March this year, with the sun starting to show its face on a more regular basis and the winter air beginning to clear. Here at Chateau Beaumont we are well under way into the season as the first schools of the year have […]

Fancy a little French Noel?

We all know how a traditional English Christmas pans out, but how about a French Christmas? Take a look below and discover how different our traditions are.


There’s no hanging of stockings on the mantelpiece in France; use your shoes instead.

French children place their shoes in front of the fireplace hoping that they will be […]

Happy Halloween Mon Chere!

So it’s that the time of year again when ghouls and goblins walk our streets without a care in the World;  it’s Halloween of course.
We are all familiar with how the UK celebrate the festival, our trick or treating and Pumpkin carving but exactly how do our continental friends fair against our traditions? To France we go!


The […]

Funny French Mistranslations

French may be hard enough to learn but take a look at the weird and funny literal translations which can occur from some of the best known phrases:

C’est la fin des haricots (This is the end of beans) – This is the last straw
On n’apprend pas aux vieux singes de nouveaux trucs (You can’t […]

Our Favourite French Vocab

Here’s a few of our favourite French words; you can visit our Facebook page and keep up to date with our ‘word of the day’ too.
Marionette – Puppet

Ouf – Phew
Un paraluie – Umbrella
Un papillon – Butterfly

Un jet d’eau – Fountain
Monseiur méteo – Weather man (Mr Weather)
Un trombone – Paperclip