Summer 2014 has landed! It only feels like yesterday since last year’s memorable season, but here we are again, ready to create more long lasting and unforgettable moments. Students will be coming to visit the Chateau from far and wide over the summer months, learning everything from archery to how cider is made! The Chateau itself is gleaming inside and out, having undergone some renovation in the recent months. Of course it also helps that the sun is frequently shining in the beautiful surroundings of Chailland. We can’t wait for the schools to arrive and experience all the wonderful things that Chateau Beaumont has to offer!

Our summer season is well underway, with June seeing the arrival of Thornhill Primary and Christleton High. Both schools showed impeccable behavior and a desire to make the most out of every activity they tried.  Thornhill took part in an action/adventure experience for the duration of their stay, whereas Christleton High opted for the reportage trip. Judging by some of the pictures that Christleton High put on their school twitter feed, its safe to say they had an excellent time! We’re confident that the smiling students’ faces will be seen again and again over the coming months.

The majority of our summer is dedicated to EFL, as hundreds of international students will arrive ready to embark on their Chateau journeys! We have students from all over France visiting us throughout June, July and August, with many of the schools on site at the same time as our English visitors. This creates a very unique opportunity for both sets of students; they will be able to experience a rare scenario. The schools will be able to integrate and learn from each other, as well as learn a little bit about each other’s culture along the way, through language, colloquialisms, teachings or food. In past EFL camps the English and French students have interacted throughout their respective stays, with international friendships being struck up and activities being enjoyed as one big group. This year will be no different!

All our students will be in good hands, as our highly trained and well-equipped team of dedicated staff will be on hand at all times to guide and assist them through their stay. On site are a host of enthusiastic and skilled activity instructors who will be teaching the students archery, fencing, zipwire and climbing among other things. We also have a group of experienced and intuitive EFL teachers who will provide the international students with the chance to improve their English speaking ability and writing skills. A friendly and welcoming face will be around every corner, as the rest of our professional and attentive team will be on hand to deal with requests and queries.

The Chateau is a unique centre and provides visitors with the chance to sample a ‘Mini England’ experience. French students are able to visit England without leaving France, as they can immerse themselves into English culture, tradition and language. To use the common cliche, the students will be getting the best of both worlds! The summer is always the best time of the year, and it can be fully enjoyed at Chateau Beaumont, where there is fun to be had and memories to be made. Here’s to another action packed season!

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