At Chateau Beaumont, we are unique in offering as much or as little French as you require. However, our group leaders are passionate about the French language and we hope their infectious enthusiasm will spread to all staff and pupils on site!

We often have French school or youth groups on site through our séjours linguistiques anglais programme, which is an unmissable opportunity for interaction, as well as good contacts with local French schools should you wish to visit one with your group.

For us, speaking French is a way of life – we practice at every available opportunity and we hope you will too.

Throughout your stay, there will be numerous opportunities to practice French, and we invite you to embrace them all as often as possible.

In and around the Chateau

We encourage our visitors to practice their French skills in all aspects of their stay. At meal times, you can expect to ask for food in French and when you see people around and about the Chateau, please call ‘Bonjour!’ During activities, our Group Leaders will tell you the French words for everything you do – to expand your knowledge and vocabulary all at once.

At the Market

The hustle and bustle of an authentic French market is the ideal opportunity to immerse your group in the sights,smells and sounds of French culture. Our Group Leaders are well known at the market, and the stallholders will be delighted to help your pupils order their produce in French. This is a chance to be part of a real French community, with the chance to use initiative and pick up on key words and phrases that will lead to valuable communication skills.

On Excursions

Our staff have a good relationship with the owners of local cheese and cider farms, which are both options for a group excursion.These authentic local businesses are a friendly, relaxed environment in which to practice language skills. The encouragement given allows pupils to learn at their own pace and to grow in confidence, with the added incentive of sampling genuine fresh produce during the trip!