Years 5 & 6

At Château Beaumont we believe that making language fun is the most important way to encourage children to want to learn a language. Pupils in years 5 and 6 are at an ideal age to practise French: they are naturally enthusiastic, keen to try new things and quick to learn, which makes a school trip to Château Beaumont an opportunity not to be missed.

The children have lots of fun but are very keen to speak French:

  • Children are encouraged to ask for meals in French, including Hot Chocolate at bedtime.
  • Your Group Leader will prompt the Group to use lots of French on the coach and whenever you meet
  • Instructors will refer to the activities in French and will encourage use of French
  • Locals at our cultural visits are always patient and helpful
  • We have worksheets that focus on vocabulary
Great visits for this age group include Laval Market, the Animal Refuge, the Cheese Farm, Fougères and the Mont Saint Michel – the streets of which, it is said, provided the inspiration to JK Rowling for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books.

If you have any specific requests or requirements, please contact us and we will do our very best to help