We thought we’d share some photos from our Easter EFL camp from April and May this year! We had such a great group of students, they were enthusiastic to take part in all our great on-site activities and, of course, made great progress with their English thanks to our brilliant teachers Benedict, Antonia and Kerri.

EFL camp at Chateau Beaumont, France

EFL Camp at Chateau Beaumont, France, 2014

Some of our students out exploring Fougeres castle, given a tour by our group leaders in English

EFL Camp at Chateau Beaumont, France, 2014

There’s always time for activities at the Château – how’s your aim?


EFL Camp at Chateau Beaumont, 2014

Our students celebrate their progress with some funny posing

We run our EFL camps four times a year  in February, for Easter, all through the summer and one last time in October – loads of opportunity to come and join us a for a week or two.

As we like to say, it’s a way of being immersed in English culture without leaving France, and bringing lessons to life by making them fun. If you’re a French parent and would like to find out more about booking our EFL camps, visit www.coloniedevacances.co.uk, or www.englishsummercamps.com to find out about our camps in England.