Evening Entertainment

Mid-Week Holidays

A programme of evening entertainments is arranged for every evening of your stay at the Chateau.

The exact programme will be advised on arrival at the Chateau and may depend on the weather.

A typical programme would be similar to the one given below.

Monday – Letter/Treasure Hunt

Consists of 19 questions in French. The children have to translate the questions (with a lot of help from our instructors) and then find the object that the question has asked for. Once all 19 have been found the letters spell a French phrase. Once deciphered, we have a winner!

Tuesday – Scrap Heap Challenge

Environmentally aware, we re-use and recycle as much as possible, which comes in handy for this fun challenge: can you construct an outer ‘shell’ from boxes and cartons, to protect a very fragile cargo from meeting a sticky end once it’s dropped from the top of the Chateau. Ingenuity, imagination and teamwork are needed here, but it’s great fun

Wednesday – French Quiz and Fancy Dress

The French Theme and Fancy Dress evening is one of the highlights of the visit. The aim is for everyone to have fun and dress up in French costume. Please encourage the members of your group to join in. Their costumes could be a simple beret or striped T-shirt, perhaps even a string of onions! Members of the Chateau staff will be dressed up, in keeping with this light hearted evening and we hope your staff and your children will enter into the spirit of the occasion.

Thursday – Talent Show and Disco

This is a very popular night at the Chateau. The children are encouraged to perform an act, usually a song, dance or skit. Teachers are always welcome to participate; our members of staff will also perform.