History of the Château

The Château des Courgés is named after the Gallo-Roman landowner Corvius, who owned much of the surrounding land when France was a province of the Roman Empire. It was built between 1837 and 1852, by the Comte de Vaujas, an interesting time in history which saw the fall of Louis Philippe, the installation of the Second Republic (1848-1852) and the coup d’état by Napoleon III.

In 1922 the Château and its land was bequeathed to the De Branche family, whose descendants still live next door to us in the “Orangerie”, the former stables and tropical plant house of the Château.

Following the outbreak of war in 1939, the Château was requisitioned by the retreating French, later replaced by the Gestapo, who set up headquarters there. The village of Chailland was the scene of much sabotage activity by the local résistance and our neighboring village, St. Hilaire-du-Maine witnessed the executions of collaborateurs.

The advance of General Patton’s troops in 1944 drew on the hospitality of the Château once more when it became their local HQ, before finally being returned to the De Branche family in 1947.

With no electricity and much damage done (notably to the Aviary, currently site of our Nightline course) during the Liberation, the village of Chailland bought the Château in 1963 and set it up as a finishing school for the young ladies of the village.

After several Anglo-French ventures, we bought the Château and took over its operation in 1999. We have been operating it successfully as an educational centre, providing school trips to France ever since.   More recently we have expanded to incorporate school residential trips to our Castle in Northumberland, Summer Camps, Colonies de Vacances en France and now offer family holidays at our catered ski chalet in the Alps.

Château Beaumont is part of the Château Beaumont Family of companies.