Government Advice to Schools and Colleges to Cancel International Trips

On March 12th 2020 the government advised UK Schools and Colleges to cancel international trips due to Coronavirus but gave no advice on UK school trips. They gave further advice to the general public on March 16th advising against non-essential travel and recommending working at home where possible. On March 18th they decided to close schools

We are seeking advice through our professional associations (BAPA, TTA) regarding cancelled school visits to our Centres. At this time the advice is to wait for further clarification from the government or the professional associations before any decision can be taken on refunds and we will update our customers as soon as we have clarity. It could be worth researching whether you have a general school or education authority insurance policy that covers educational visits or in some cases Evolve (school journey insurance which is often held by schools) which may be valid in these circumstances. 

As you will appreciate we employ a large staff team and have significant operating costs. We want to be fair to our customers and our employees as well as maintaining the viability of our business so that we are able to continue working when the Coronavirus epidemic is over.

We refer you to our Deposit Payment Form sent at the Booking Confirmation stage clearly stating that first and second payments are non-refundable.

We insure your travel with FOGG, the leading provider of travel insurance for school visits. The policy covers all usual cancellation needs but, unfortunately, does not cover an epidemic or pandemic. The policy document which details the level of cover and exclusions is available on our website. This exclusion is the same for virtually all travel insurance.  

We would ask for your patience in these difficult times and will provide an update as soon as we receive any new information.

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With exciting activities on site, a wealth of cultural attractions nearby and the opportunity to meet or share the centre with a French school , your school trip to France with Château Beaumont will give each pupil every opportunity to undertake new challenges, practise their French language and explore the rich history and culture of France.
  • 20 years of experience providing school trips to France
  • Holder of the LOtC Quality Badge
  • Excellent blend of activities and cultural excursions
  • Full planning service, because teachers are busy enough
  • Excellent educational and personal development benefits

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What Our Visitors Say

“Great French Fun!”
  Hampshire - February 2020
“It’s been a fantastic visit, really welcomed. Everyone has done everything to make the trip a real success which it has been! The kids have made memories for life. Delighted to have brought them here!”
  Wakefield - February 2020
“All excellent, it has worked very well over the weekend with our older students.  We really enjoyed having Katy as our Group Leader who is bilingual.”
  Bedfordshire - October 2019
“It’s been amazing! Thank you all, and a special thank you to Fran!”
  Staffordshire - October 2019
“Fantastic experience! Credit to all staff, it is run so smoothly.  You have a school for life!”
Telford - October 2019
“Thank you to everyone, it’s been fantastic!”
Kent - October 2019
“We have had an amazing time! The staff were great, and the food exceptional.  A great opportunity for the children to see something different.  Everything went smoothly, from the booking process to the departure from the Chateau. Thank you!”
Essex - September 2019
“We have had an amazing experience and made to feel very welcome by everyone.  The children will have some wonderful memories for a very long time!”
Lincolnshire - September 2019
“Thank you for all working so hard this week!  The extras really make a difference.”
Shropshire - September 2019
“A really enjoyable week! Thank you!”
Norwich - September 2019
“A really big thank you to everyone!  Our children and staff are leaving with some great memories and friendships.”
Essex - September 2019
“Happy with the staff, activities and food very good!  Thank you for a successful trip!”
Hampshire - July 2019
“From our arrival all of the staff have been supportive, accommodating and efficient.  Thank you to everyone!”
Stockton - July 2019
“All of the staff are so helpful.  Good to see all of the improvements that have been made during the past year.  The children have enjoyed all of the activities and excursions and have really gelled as a group.”
Cheshire - July 2019
“The children have had a fantastic time and wish they could stay longer!  Thank you to all of the staff for being fantastic!”
Newcastle - July 2019
“Everyone very happy, we were made to feel very welcome.  Thank you to all of the staff, with a special thanks to François, Lauren and Damon!”
Northants - July 2019
“Thank you to everyone for making our stay GREAT!!”
London - July 2019
“Great week, thank you to everyone!”
Bedfordshire - July 2019
“Really good experience.  Great location, friendly staff and a little taste of the French life!”
Chesterfield - July 2019
“Great activities and excursions.  All of the staff very helpful and friendly.”
Lancashire - June 2019
“Students had an excellent time.  All of the staff are very helpful and friendly and great interaction with the students.  Great to see the improvements to the whole site each year.”
Hexham - June 2019
“We had an amazing week.  Thank you all so much!”
Surrey - June 2019
“Everything was excellent!  Very nice welcome and François and the team very helpful and efficient.”
London - June 2019
“Everything was amazing!”
Surrey - June 2019
“Continue to be excellent!  Children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their stay and we are very happy with everything!”
Berkshire - June 2019
“Fantastic from start to finish!  Very welcoming. Couldn’t have asked for more!”
Sunderland - June 2019
“Happy and reassured with the investments made during the last year.  Thank you to all of the staff, and very impressed with the Management Team! ”
Poole - June 2019
“Lovely staff, very accommodating and great to see investment! Thank you all! ”
Newcastle - June 2019
“Keep doing a great job!  We will recommend you to everyone!”
Worcestershire - May 2019
“The students have really enjoyed their stay.  Thank you to all of the staff for making it a special visit. Thank You!”
Buckingham - May 2019
“We couldn’t have fit anything more into our visit, and we didn’t want to!  We’ve had an excellent time!  François and all of the team have been very kind and flexible to our requirements.”
Kent - May 2019
“It’s a great pleasure to come back!  Lots of the improvements to the accommodation and a new Zip Wire!  A great team and a safe environment!”
York - May 2019
“We’ve all had a lovely time and had great weather.  The children have really enjoyed it, thanks to an amazing team!”
Middlesex - May 2019
“Our children and staff have had a really good week.  Thank you to the Management team for being so supportive, we are really happy, thank you!!”
Hertfordshire - May 2019
“Thank you to everyone for making this another successful visit to the Chateau for our children and staff!”
Berkshire - May 2019
“Great activities and instructors!  Kitchen team excellent, we were very well catered for, and we appreciated the flexibility of François during our stay! ”
France - May 2019
“We really enjoyed our stay at the Chateau. One of the best experiences! Thank you everyone!”
Devon - May 2019
“The children have had a fantastic experience and a great time.  A really good week, smoothly run by François and the team!”
Guernsey - April 2019
“Really great week! Such an experience for all of the children!”
Guernsey - April 2019
“The children have had a great experience and learnt so much.  Thank you to all of the Management and staff for making it happen!”
Guernsey - April 2019
“Thank you to all of the staff for the welcome, kindness and listening to our requests during our stay.”
France - April 2019
“The children have had a great time, and enjoyed all of the excursions and activities.  Thank you to the helpful Management and staff team!”
Leicestershire - April 2019
“Thank you for everything!  We’ve had a fantastic time, everything has been loved by the students and the teachers.  Thanks to the Group Leaders and Management, we will recommend Chateau Beaumont to others!”
Bishop Auckland - April 2019
“A really well organised week.  François has great knowledge and organisation, and the Centre has excellent staff.”
Guernsey - April 2019
“One of the best trips we have ever run to Chateau Beaumont!  Superb experience, and the staff at Head Office were great as always too! Thank you!”
Fareham - March 2019
“Thank you to all of the staff!  A relaxed stay at Chateau Beaumont, with a good atmosphere, lovely accommodation, site and staff!”
West Sussex - March 2019
“All of the activities went very well during the week.  Great interaction between the students and instructors.  All of the staff have been very helpful, with a special mention to Sophie who was outstanding during our stay.  We all had an enjoyable time at Chateau Beaumont! ”
France - March 2019
“All of the staff have been professional and kind during our stay.  Educational value throughout for Geography and French.  The students felt safe and were engaged and excited from beginning to end.  The teachers could really take the time to watch the students grow.”
Norfolk - March 2019
“Another excellent trip to Chateau Beaumont!  The students will take home many useful experiences and happy memories.”
Birmingham - March 2019
“Top marks and amazing value for money! 10/10 for food every night! Very impressed with all of the excursions and interesting facts from our Group Leader. Good balance in terms of the level of French. This visit has given the children a life experience, something you don’t forget.  It is amazing!”
Telford - March 2019
“Great as always! Food here is always amazing. Very happy with all of the activities & instructors, excellent with instruction & safety.”
Norfolk - March 2019
“A fantastic week as always! Staff very helpful and knowledgeable, and were able to relate well to the children”
Newcastle - March 2019
“Florence wonderful, a really lovely week again!”
Norfolk - March 2019
“A really positive experience. Staff lovely and amazing food! The staff have really made this visit and the children have enjoyed all of the activities”
Hampshire - March 2019