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With exciting activities on site, a wealth of cultural attractions nearby and the opportunity to meet or share the centre with a French school , your school trip to France with Château Beaumont will give each pupil every opportunity to undertake new challenges, practise their French language and explore the rich history and culture of France.

  • Nearly 20 years of experience providing school trips to France
  • Holder of the LOtC Quality Badge
  • Excellent blend of activities and cultural excursions
  • Full planning service, because teachers are busy enough
  • Excellent educational and personal development benefits

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What Our Visitors Say

“Really enjoyed our return to Château Beaumont. Thanks to the staff for making it so enjoyable.”
Hertfordshire- May 2016
“Excellent staff who made the week so pleasurable. Super food, and a well organised school trip; the children have had a fantastic time. Big thanks, even after 12 visits!”
Wales- May 2016
“This has been a great first trip to Château Beaumont, and we will definitely book for next year! Great centre, fantastic staff and good all-round experience”
Berkshire- May 2016
“Thank you for everything you have all done to make this such a great experience for both our children, and us!”
Guernsey- May 2016
“Another great residential at Château Beaumont. Everything has been so well organised and the children have loved the activities, excursions and the whole experience!”
Guernsey- May 2016
“Thank you for taking such great care of my son, Henry, who has a nut allergy. He tells me that he had wonderful food every day – and was often the envy of his friends! For example, I’ve already heard a couple of times about the enormous waffle he had one evening! Many thanks for making Henry’s visit to Château Beaumont so memorable (and safe. It is very much appreciated.”
Guernsey (parent comment)- May 2016
“A superb week – Thank you!”
Guernsey- May 2016
“An excellent trip which I’m sure has benefited our pupils and they have learnt to look out for, and help each other, and work as a team!”
Northallerton- April/May 2016
“Fantastically enjoyable for staff and students alike. Would definitely recommend…”
Cheshire - April/May 2016
“Excellent as usual, great team and great food!”
Stockton-on-Tees - April/May 2016
“A super week; both children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you to all of the staff at Château Beaumont for working so hard to make our week so memorable! :) x”
Guernsey- April 2016
“A really well organised trip once again. Centre staff were great and always available, approachable and helpful. The pupils have had a brilliant time!”
Staffordshire- April 2016
“We’ve had another great week at Château Beaumont. Thank you to all of the staff for showing our children a slice of France. The excursions were brilliant, we saw Mont St Michel, St Hilaire market and all were well organised, and ran smoothly. The activities at the Château were great fun and all the children had an amazing time… Thank you!”
Harrow- April 2016
“Very enjoyable weekend; good mix of activities much appreciated by all!”
Cheshire- April 2016
“Another excellent visit – part of our school year that excites the children greatly”
Gateshead- March 2016
“A very enjoyable visit for girls and staff alike – varied programme with good support from Château staff.”
Durham- March 2016
“We have had a wonderful week once more. The French / English experiment has been tremendously successful!”
Huddersfield- March 2016
“Excellent visit: the staff did everything to make the stay enjoyable and profitable for the students. Activities well run – all very professional. Very impressed.”
Birmingham- March 2016
“We have really enjoyed this week. All of the staff have been friendly and helpful, we will be back!”
Leicestershire- March 2016
“Thank you for all working so hard to provide a first-rate experience for our children! They will remember this, and you, forever”
Shropshire- March 2016
“This is a fantastic experience for all. Thank you so much! Booked for 2018″
Norfolk - March 2016
“Château Beaumont is a great location for exploring Brittany and Normandy. Our kids had a good time taking part in a range of educational and enjoyable activities”
Hampshire - March 2016
“We have thoroughly enjoyed our week. Friendly, approachable staff and fun entertaining activities. We will definitely come back!”
Co. Durham - March 2016
“A Super Weekend! The children have had a wonderful time and learnt such a lot. The staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming. Thank you!”
Kingston-upon-Hull - February 2016
“An excellent residential for our children. We had a fantastic time and the staff have gone over and above to help us have a great week. The excursions were fun and educational. we will plan a return visit.”
West Sussex - February 2016
“Thanks to all the staff at Château Beaumont for making our stay a memorable one. Our students have had a fabulous time and have learnt a lot.”
Tyne and Wear - February 2016
“Lovely location and the experience was made extra special by the staff. Home-made birthday cake for one of the students was a fantastic touch. Really hoping to return next year!”
Plymouth- February 2016