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With exciting activities on site, a wealth of cultural attractions nearby and the opportunity to meet or share the centre with a French school , your school trip to France with Château Beaumont will give each pupil every opportunity to undertake new challenges, practise their French language and explore the rich history and culture of France.

  • Nearly 20 years of experience providing school trips to France
  • Holder of the LOtC Quality Badge
  • Excellent blend of activities and cultural excursions
  • Full planning service, because teachers are busy enough
  • Excellent educational and personal development benefits

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What Our Visitors Say

“Positive and enjoyable experience for the children. Lovely, safe, secure setting for the children to experience.”
Bedfordshire - October
“We have had an excellent stay at Chateau Beaumont this year. All staff have been extremely accommodating and children have had a fab time. Thank you in particular to our drive Dave, group leader Damon, Mandy and Pete.”
London - October
“The children have had a brilliant experience and had the opportunity to try a range of activities. The staff could not have been more accommodating. Thank you for the fantastic week!”
Northampton - September 2015
“We always have a fantastic time here. As a group leader I can relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of. Thanks for another great trip!”
Suffolk - October 2015
“Superb week, had a lovely time!!”
Lancashire - September 2015
“A week that will stay in the minds of these children, probably that will stay with them forever. We cannot thank Ben and staff enough for what can only be described as a magical and memorable experience!”
Bradford - September 2015
“Another successful week at CB- and i’m pleased to see the improvements/refurbishments taking place: these are noted! We’ve tried a mix of different activities/tours and all have worked well. Good weather helps everytime!”
Norfolk - July 2015
“We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here-the staff have been so helpful and Sam, our tour guide has made a huge impression on the kids. A lot of pupils now dont want to go home! Thank you to all for making us so welcome “
London - July 2015
“Beautiful surroundings, friendly , helpful staff and good activities!”
Llanfyllin - July 2015
“Coming back to the Chateau? Our decision? C’est du gateau!!! (It’s a piece of cake!).”
Malton - July 2015
“Outstanding experience, it just gets better and better, we can’t thank you enough – the children have had a fantastic time and don’t want to leave!”
Cambridge - July 2015
“Our pupils have had a fantastic weekend, the activities have been well suited, meals v. good and excursions excellent! Our guide, Olivia, was simply superb!”
Devon - June 2015
“We’ve had a great time! The pupils have really enjoyed everything on offer. Staff have also been really well looked after, We love the Salle des Profs!”
Rendcomb - June 2015
“A brilliant week had by all. Our 3rd year and it gets even better! Thanks to French and UK staff.”
London - June 2015
“Very helpful staff. Fantastic activities and trips. A very enjoyable week – Merci!”
Bedford - June 2015
“Absolutely wonderful experience again! Past 2 years, this year and last. You guys have gone out of your way to accommodate us and give us anything we need. The kids have loved the trip so thank you for all your help! .”
Norfolk - June 2015
“Super authentic French experience! Friendly, helpful staff. Beautiful setting.”
Durham - June 2015
“A fantastic trip! All the children have really enjoyed themselves and we did too.”
Durham - June 2015
“An excellent blend of language, culture and fun. we cannot recommend this Chateau, staff and everything else it offers highly enough, can’t wait for next year!! “
Hampshire - June 2015
“Chateau Beaumont has been an amazing experience for our children. Each child has grown with confidence throughout the week especially when being involved with the adventure activities! The staff were a real pleasure to work with. “
Hertfordshire - June 2015
“Absolutely fantastic as always!  A very high level of professionalism from staff and the children receive an educational and exciting experience!”
London- June 2015
“A fantastic weekend made so good by the helpfulness and enthusiasm of our group leaders and staff at the Chateau! The group leaders made it so easy for the teachers, taking the stress out of it all and having everything sorted”
Essex- June 2015
“This has been an amazing experience for my pupils and staff. I couldn’t have asked for a better way of finishing the academic year. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!”
Gateshead- June 2015
“A great week at Chateau Beaumont. This is our 7th year! A great experience for our students.”
Chester - June 2015

“Our trip has been a huge success, mainly down to the efficiency, friendliness, patience and good humour of the staff. The site is beautiful and a great space for the kids to enjoy!”
Durham - June 2015

“Chateau Beaumont let us be ourselves and everybody appreciates that! It is a place we are very fond of and never want to leave, it is our second  home!”
London - May 2015
“An excellent weekend at CB, great staff, great activities! The students really enjoyed themselves which is the main thing. They learned a lot about france and french culture and had an amazing experience!”
York - May 2015
“We have really enjoyed our first experience here- there is a great mix of practical activities with educational ones. we have felt comfortable with all staff who have been more than helpful!”
Gateshead- May 2015